Florida Family Law Mediator

Mediation services are charged on an hourly basis, in quarter hour increments. Hourly rates charged offered based upon the parties' combined gross income. All mediation fees are paid equally by the parties, unless there is an agreement or Court order otherwise.

Combined Gross Annual Income < $ 40,000: $ 150.00 per hour

Combined Gross Annual Income $ 40,001-$ 200,000: $ 250.00 per hour

Combined Gross Annual Income $ 200,001+: $ 300.00 per hour

There is no charge for travel time to offices and professional locations within Charlotte, DeSoto and Sarasota Counties, Florida. Travel time to professional locations outside of those Counties is charged at the rate of $ 100.00 per hour.

All fees are due at the conclusion of the Mediation, no exceptions. The Mediation Conference will begin only if the parties are prepared to pay the minimum fee outlined above.

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