Florida Family Law Mediator

Why select a lawyer as a mediator when other professionals are less expensive?

In Florida, the requirements to become a Certified Family Law Mediator are minimal. Anyone who possesses a bachelor's degree, completes a 30-hour training program, and participates in a mentorship can become a Certified Family Law Mediator. These minimal requirements often lead to individuals being certified as family law mediators, who have very limited experience with the Court system and/or with the issues presented in most family law cases. These inadequately trained and insufficiently experienced mediators, although well-meaning and frequently inexpensive, often unintentionally do more damage than good. These mediators often draft agreements that are impossible to perform, are incomplete, and/or ambiguous. A poorly drafted agreement causes confusion, frustrates the parties, and leads to future litigation.

An experienced lawyer has handled hundreds, if not thousands, of family law cases. That lawyer has witnessed, first-hand, the legal and emotional impact of the family law case. With that knowledge, the lawyer, as a mediator, can usually better explain the law to the parties and typically draft more complete settlement agreements, designed to avoid future disputes.

As a mediator, I call upon my extensive experience to assist parties in resolving their cases in a respectful, private fashion. I have handled thousands of cases as a litigator and am Board Certified in Marital and Family Law. I am also a CPA, which assists in understanding and facilitating resolution of complex financial issues.
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