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The Myths of Mediation: Every Issue Must be Resolved

Many people believe that an agreement must be reached on all of the issues raised by their case. That belief is misguided. At mediation, the parties have considerable flexibility when fashioning a settlement. Of course, the parties can come to an agreement on all of the issues raised by their case. But the parties can also enter into a partial settlement agreement that resolves only the issues for which the parties are in agreement, while leaving the disputed issues for the Court to decide. For instance, in a divorce, it is not uncommon for the parties to settle all of the child related issues (i.e., timesharing, child support, etc.), while leaving the division of marital properties and payment of alimony up to the Judge to decide.

Mediation Saves Time

Most mediators can schedule mediations quickly after being called. During most of the year, parties can schedule a mediation with MSW Mediation Center within a couple of few weeks of calling. In unusual cases a mediation conference will last more than one day, but most will be completed within one day. Once an agreement is reached at mediation, most cases can be finalized within a few weeks.

If parties elect to litigate their case, it may takes months or even years for their case to be completed. On average, litigated cases take at least six months to complete. Because of backlogs in the Court, it is very difficult to obtain trial time. A case that is successfully mediated can be resolve in a matter of a few weeks.

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