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Mediation can facilatate settlement in all types of family law cases.

In most family law cases, the Court will order the parties to a mediation conference before scheduling a trial or final hearing. Mediation can be used in most types of family law cases, including divorce, paternity, child support, and timesharing cases. Mediation can also, in limited circumstances, be used to resolve issues raised in domestic violence cases, but caution must be taken to ensure that all participants remain safe.

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Why hire Mira White to be our mediator?

I have been a litigating attorney in southwest Florida for more than 25 years. As of January 2017, I am one of only two attorneys in Charlotte County, Florida who are Board Certified in Marital and Family Law.

Board Certified attorneys have earned that designation by being tested, peer reviewed, and having extensive experience handling complex family law cases. Board Certified attorneys are the only attorneys in Florida that are permitted to be referred to as an "expert" or "specialist".

When serving as a mediator, I cannot use my background as a Board Certified attorney to represent either party or to provide specific legal advice. However, I can use that extensive background to help me explain, in general terms, the law and how the Court system works. Additionally, I can call upon my litigation background to give the parties examples of how other people settled similar issues. I have the legal expertise and experience to help the parties discuss various settlement alternatives.

In addition to being a Board Certified attorney, I have extensive training in the field of finance. I have a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in finance. I am a CPA and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Again, I cannot give either party specific financial or tax advice. But being trained in this area helps me understand the most complex financial issues that are raised in family law cases and guide the parties to a resolution.

Once the parties reach a settlement, I help the parties draft their agreement. In doing so, I strive to write clear easily understood agreement that can be successfully implemented by the parties. A well written agreement is much more likely to be followed by the parties than a poorly written agreement. Poorly written agreements typically lead to future arguments and disputes that can cost the parties thousands of dollars in attorney fees. A well written agreement will usually avoid many future disputes, overall costing the part less in attorney and mediation fees.

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Why select a lawyer as a mediator when other professionals are less expensive?

In Florida, the requirements to become a Certified Family Law Mediator are minimal. Anyone who possesses a bachelor's degree, completes a 30-hour training program, and participates in a mentorship can become a Certified Family Law Mediator. These minimal requirements often lead to individuals being certified as family law mediators, who have very limited experience with the Court system and/or with the issues presented in most family law cases. These inadequately trained and insufficiently experienced mediators, although well-meaning and frequently inexpensive, often unintentionally do more damage than good. These mediators often draft agreements that are impossible to perform, are incomplete, and/or ambiguous. A poorly drafted agreement causes confusion, frustrates the parties, and leads to future litigation.

An experienced lawyer has handled hundreds, if not thousands, of family law cases. That lawyer has witnessed, first-hand, the legal and emotional impact of the family law case. With that knowledge, the lawyer, as a mediator, can usually better explain the law to the parties and typically draft more complete settlement agreements, designed to avoid future disputes.

As a mediator, I call upon my extensive experience to assist parties in resolving their cases in a respectful, private fashion. I have handled thousands of cases as a litigator and am Board Certified in Marital and Family Law. I am also a CPA, which assists in understanding and facilitating resolution of complex financial issues.
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Benefits of Family Law Mediation

Mediation is an alternative to litigation and is used to settle family law cases amicably. Mediation has many benefits, including:
  • Mediation offers a more private way to resolve a family law case. Mediations occur in a private setting, not an open forum, like a Courtroom. Unlike statements and communications made in Court, most communications made in mediation are confidential.
  • Mediation often is less expensive than litigating a case. Litigation is very expensive. Numerous studies demonstrate that parties resolving cases at mediation spent less money than those trying their case before a Judge.
  • Mediation gives the parties an opportunity to control the outcome of the case. At mediation, a resolution is only reached with the input and agreement of both parties. At a trial, the parties present their evidence and arguments, but the Judge, alone, decides the outcome.
  • Parties who have resolved their case through mediation are usually more satisfied with the outcome, than those whose resolution was imposed by a Judge.
  • Parties are more likely to adhere to and comply with the terms of a mediated agreement than a Judgment rendered by the trial Court.
  • Mediation agreements are able to address both legal issues and "extra" issues that a trial Court may not consider. A trial Court is bound by the terms of the law. Parties to a mediation agreement are not bound by the law and may agree to anything that is not licit or against public policy. For instance, a trial Court cannot order a contact schedule between a party and a dog. But the parties to a mediation can agree on a dog visitation schedule.

Additional information regarding mediation and its benefits can be found

Trust an Experienced Family Lawyer to Mediate Your Case

I am now offering mediation services for family law cases in Florida. Mediations can be held at my office in Port Charlotte, Florida, or I am willing to travel to other professional locations to conduct the mediation conference.

My hourly rates are very competitive and are scaled based upon the parties' combined incomes. I do not change for travel time to professional locations within Charlotte, DeSoto, and Sarasota Counties, Florida. Travel time to locations outside of that area is charged at $ 100.00 per hour.

My extensive experience and educational background provide me with the skills to effectively mediate all types of family law cases, from the simplest timesharing disputes to the most complex financial cases. I have been a practicing family lawyer for more than 25 years. I have handled thousands of cases, most of which have ultimately settled through mediation. Although I have settled the majority of my cases, I have conducted numerous contested hearings and trials. I have also been Court appointed as a child's attorney ad-litem, parenting facilitator, and parenting coordinator.

I am Board Certified in Marital and Family Law by the Florida Bar. I hold an active license as a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. I have also had training in the areas of parenting coordinator, collaborative Law, forensic accounting, and business valuations.

My experience and expertise makes me an ideal family law mediator. Please contact my office to schedule your mediation today!