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Mira has been recently re-certified by The Florida Bar as a Board Certified Marital and Family Lawyer. This elite designation is bestowed upon only 277 attorneys in Florida, and Mira is the only practicing attorney in Charlotte County with this designation. Board certified attorneys are experts in their designated field who have successfully passed a rigorous examination and peer review, ensuring that board certified attorneys meet the highest ethical and professional standards.

Community Mediation Services

I am pleased to announce that Hal Wotitzky and I have joined forces to create the Community Mediation Services for Charlotte County, Florida. Community Mediation Services is designed to provide high quality mediation services at a reduced cost for lower income individuals.

These mediations will be conducted at our respective offices. Hal's office is in Punta Gorda at 407 E. Marion Avenue, while my office is centrally located in Port Charlotte at 20020 Veterans Boulevard.

Our rates will be based upon the parties' combined incomes. Parties with combined gross incomes of less than $ 75,000.00 will be charged $ 50.00 per party, per hour.

Parties with combined gross incomes of $ 75,000.00-$ 100,000.00 will be charged $ 75.00 per party, per hour.

These mediations can be scheduled on Fridays. We have a flexible scheduling policy to meet your client's needs. Schedule by the half-day, full-day, and/or by the hour.

Give us a call today to schedule your low costs, high quality mediation.

CALL Hal at 941-621-4249 or email him at Hal@callthemediator.com. More information about Hal can be found

CALL Me at 941-627-3667 or email me at msw@mirawhitelaw.com. More information about me can be found

Collaborative Law Training in Punta Gorda

A big thank you to the Charlotte County Collaborative Professionals for hosting the Collaborative Law Training seminar April 27 and 28 in Punta Gorda, Florida at The Farr Law Firm. The two day event featured the Florida Collaborative Law Trainers presenting an introductory course. The seminar was well attended by attorneys, mental health professionals and financial advisors.

The Collaborative Law Process is a team approach used to resolve family law disputes. In this process the parties pledge to settle their dispute in a civil manner without litigation. The parties work with their specially trained lawyers, a neutral facilitator and other experts, if needed, to resolve conflict and develop a workable settlement. The Collaborative law Process has advantages over “going to Court”.

  • PRIVATE-The collaborative law process takes place in a private, confidential setting. Courtrooms are open forums full with people who listen to your personal details as the case is litigated.
  • LESS EXPENSIVE-The collaborative law process is usually less expensive than fighting it out in Court.
  • QUICKER-Resolving a case collaboratively is faster than having a trial and waiting for a Judge to rule.
  • CONVENIENT-The parties decide when and where to meet to work on resolving their case. Going to Court means the Judge sets the schedule of the case at the convenience of the Court without much regard for the parties’ schedules.

There are numerous other reasons to use the Collaborative Law Process. For more information regarding this process and the Charlotte County Collaborative Professionals
CLICK HERE, or schedule an appointment with Mira White by calling 941-627-3667.

Mediation Myths: My Case Won't Settle at Mediation

Multiple studies have shown that the vast majority of parties who mediate reach an agreement that settles all of the issues raised by their case. Very few cases are tried before a Judge. Only about 15% of all family law cases are tried before Judge. At the MSW Mediation Center, we have mediated many difficult cases. Often attorneys and Judges specifically recommend us as a mediator for highly contested. We have a settlement rate in excess of 90%. Let us help you settle your case. Call today at 941-627-3667 to schedule your mediation today.

Mira Should Be Your Mediator

In Florida, the requirements to become a Certified Family Law Mediator are minimal. Anyone who possesses a college degree in any subject, completes a 30-hour training program, and participates in a brief mentorship can become a Certified Family Law Mediator. These minimal requirements often lead to individuals being certified as family law mediators, who have very limited experience with the Court system and/or with the issues presented in most family law cases.

Inadequately trained and insufficiently experienced mediators, although well-intentioned, can unknowingly do more harm than good. These mediators frequently draft agreements that are impossible to perform, are incomplete, and/or ambiguous. A poorly drafted agreement causes confusion, frustrates the parties, and leads to future litigation.

As an experienced attorney, I have handled hundreds, if not thousands, of family law cases. I have witnessed, first-hand, the legal and emotional impact of a family law case. With that experience, I am better explain, in general terms, the law to the parties. I, also, understand the emotional turmoil often accompanying a family law case and can suggest effective ways to reduce this stress and ways in which the parties can more respectfully communicate.

In my capacity as an attorney, I have drafted hundreds of settlement agreements from the very complicated to the most basic. As your mediator, I draw upon that experience to help prepare agreements that are clear, concise and easily understood.

Contact me today to schedule your family law mediation and put my experience as a Board Certified Family Lawyer and CPA to work for you.

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